Preparing for an IT Interview

Preparing for an IT Interview

September 20, 2022

Interviewing for a job can be an intimidating process but the key is to do as much preparation and homework ahead of time as possible. Things such as researching the company and role, practicing answers to the most common interview questions, and being able to confidently speak of the content on your resume, are important things for everyone to do ahead of an interview. For those in the IT space, there are a few other things to consider. Here are some additional areas IT talent should prepare for…

Be Prepared to Talk About Your Skills

During an IT interview, it’s common for the hiring manager to ask about your skills and qualifications related to the job. While your skills are likely listed on your resume, they often want to hear you discuss those skills more in-depth. While you may think you have your skills memorized, with interview nerves and jitters, you may draw a blank or miss discussing the important skills you have that are relevant for the role you’re applying for. We recommend practicing a mock interview with someone you trust and having some of the questions you practice be about your tech skills. The more you practice, the more comfortable and confident you’ll become, so when the interview happens, you’re prepared and can present your skills in depth and beyond what is listed on your resume.

Prepare to Discuss Your Ideal Work Environment

Compared to other industries, IT candidates often have more flexibility with their work environment, meaning their choice to work entirely remote, hybrid, or in the office full-time. Since the pandemic, companies are more accommodating with allowing their employees to choose where they work. Be prepared to discuss and define the type of work environment you thrive in and see what flexibility the employer has. It’s important to be transparent during the hiring process. If you wish to work remotely, don’t apply for an in-office job with the hope that it will turn into a remote work role. Be honest and upfront and see if the opportunity is a good match.

Prepare to Speak About Coding or Taking a Coding Test

Depending on the role in IT you’re applying for, you may need to discuss your coding experience and/or take a coding test (either an at-home test or in-person during the interview). In an article on Enterprisers Project, they say, “Candidates can use this question to go further than explaining their coding language fluency and to present how they can leverage these skills to contribute to innovation. Technical questions present opportunities for candidates to show concrete evidence that they are qualified for these roles.” It’s a good idea to do research ahead of time to prepare for any coding questions so you can confidently and concisely demonstrate that you’re qualified for the job. If you need help preparing, Indeed has a great article with the Top 60 Coding Interview Questions (With Sample Answers).

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