Updating Your Resume If You've Been Laid off Due to COVID-19

Updating Your Resume If You've Been Laid off Due to COVID-19

August 12, 2020

With the unemployment rate for July at 10.2%, a significant number of American’s jobs have been impacted from COVID-19. Many who had employment at the beginning of the year have since been furloughed or laid off entirely. For those that lost their job due to the pandemic, and are currently looking for a new role, there are some helpful suggestions on how to best update your resume to reflect the COVID-19 related layoff.

Step One

The first thing you will want to do, both on your resume and LinkedIn profile, is let hiring managers and recruiters know that your layoff was a direct impact of COVID-19. With so many others in the same situation, hiring managers will completely understand the circumstances. Explain that you’ve been actively looking for a role since being laid off and have continued to stay productive. If you need more resume tips, here is a recent article with some common resume mistakes you will want to avoid.

Step Two

On your resume, list what activities you’ve done since the layoff or furlough. Perhaps you used the time to focus on self-improvement, have done online courses to gain additional skills in your line of work, or have volunteered and given back to your community. Think about what might set you apart and how what you’ve focused on during this time will make you a better employee in the long run.

Step Three

Now is also the time to reach out to previous co-workers or managers asking them to be references. If they can give you an endorsement on LinkedIn that will go a long way as well. Here are some ways to successfully ask for a reference.

Unfortunately an unemployment gap due to COVID-19 has become all too common. Letting hiring managers know the layoff was due to COVID-19 is important as it shows them that you took initiative and stayed productive during your time out of work. Take this time to reach out to your network for references and endorsements and continue your job seeking efforts.

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