How Companies Can Attract Millennials

How Companies Can Attract Millennials

August 3, 2020

With almost half of today’s working generation considered to be a Millennial (anyone born between 1981 and 1996), companies need to be strategic in recruiting this generation’s top talent. To do this, companies need to understand what is important to them and what they value most in their work situations. Having a good work-life balance is one of the top factors. A survey on FlexJobs found that “78% of millennials say they would be more loyal to an employer if they had flexible work options” and “70% of millennials have left or considered leaving a job because it lacked flexible work options”. Given that this is such an important issue for Millennials, here are some suggestions for how companies can attract this generation.

Remote Work

A Deloitte study found that over 50% of Millennials surveyed said that remote work opportunities boosted productivity and 75% said they’d prefer to have more opportunities to work remotely. Due to COVID-19, remote work has dramatically increased and for Millennials, they will want the flexibility to remain once the pandemic has passed. With companies such as Twitter telling their employees they can work from home “forever” is a clever strategy that will likely entice the Millennial job seeker.

Flexible Work Hours

Millennials also prefer to have more flexibility with the hours they work. With many Millennials now parents themselves, or looking after their own parents, they prefer to have a flexible work schedule. This may look like their day starting at 6am and ending at 10pm but taking breaks during the day to take care of their family duties and personal well-being. Millennials feel that if you are completing quality work, meeting deadlines, etc. it shouldn’t matter the exact hours that you get your work done so long as you do get it done.

Company Culture

A company’s philanthropic involvement is also important to Millennials. They want to work for a company that gives back to society and makes a positive impact on the world. One way companies can do this is through fundraising events and having employees volunteer part of their work hours at a non-profit or charity. It’s important for employees to be part of the conversation and have a vote in what organizations they help support. Having part of employee’s work hours devoted to a meaningful cause helps them feel that they have a better work-life balance and are contributing members of society.

Thanks in large part to technology, for Millennials there is often an overlap of work hours and personal hours. They may answer work emails during dinner or while watching a movie in the evening but also want the flexibility to not be tied down to their desk Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. In order to both attract top talent and avoid employee burnout, it’s imperative that companies offer flexibility not only with schedules but also where employees work. Furthermore, for the Millennial generation, giving back helps them feel more connected to society and that they are serving a larger purpose.

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