Management Team

Derek Dewan

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board

Mr. Dewan possesses a wealth of experience in the staffing industry. Prior to GEE Group, Derek Dewan took AccuStaff Incorporated (which became MPS Group, Inc. (NYSE:MPS)) public (in 1994) and grew the company into a multi-billion dollar global staffing and solutions giant. In 2009, he was instrumental in the sale of MPS Group to Addeco Group, the largest staffing company in the world, for $1.3 billion. Previously, Mr. Dewan was a CPA and partner at what is now PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Andrew J. Norstrud

Chief Financial Officer, Director, and Board Treasurer

Mr. Norstrud started with GEE in March of 2013 and brings significant experience with public companies in the areas of restructuring for profitability and growth, acquisitions, and technology.

Alex Stuckey

Chief Operating Officer and President

Mr. Stuckey started with GEE in April of 2015 and brings significant experience with the strategic planning, operations, management of sales activities, and field support required of a successful staffing firm.

Deborah Santora-Tuohy

President of GEE Group Inc. & TRIAD Staffing

Mrs. Santora-Tuohy started with GEE in 2011 when the company acquired BMCH and she brings significant experience with the management of our commercial staffing brand.

Mary Claire Menze

President of Scribe Solutions

Mrs. Menze started with GEE in 2015. She brings significant experience from her success founding and building up Scribe Solutions and has indispensable insight into the healthcare market.